About JoeSportsFan

JoeSportsFan.com is an independent sports humor publication that was founded in St. Louis, MO by Josh Bacott in 2004.

Since then, it has grown from a one-man operation to an industry leader in online sports humor. Like a majority of their readers, the JoeSportsFan team grew up as die hard sports fans, but recognized the immense entertainment value existing within the athletes, owners, and even the fans themselves. JoeSportsFan.com shares that perspective with its readers five days a week, during all sports seasons throughout the year.


Matt Sebek

Editor of JoeSportsFan.com.  Winner of the 2012 Riverfront Times “Funniest Twitter Feed” award, member of Sports Illustrated’s “40 Sports People to Follow on Twitter”, featured columnist at KFNS.com and St. Louis Sports Magazine; on a mission to single-handedly cause the mainstream media to overuse the word “snarky”.

twitter: @MattSebek
email: matt@joesportsfan.com

Josh Bacott

Founder of JoeSportsFan.com.  Featured columnist at KFNS.com and St. Louis Sports Magazine; once the lowest paid man on the cover of Parade Magazine’s “What People Make” edition.

twitter: @JBacott
email: josh@joesportsfan.com




Chris Files

Lead Videographer at JoeSportsFan.com.  Multimedia lead at ESPN 101, nominated for the Riverfront Times’ “Best in 2012 Video”.

twitter: @TheFilesFiles
email: chris@joesportsfan.com



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