Betting tips for the NFL season: are the Patriots worth a gamble?

Already the speculation and betting have started concerning the new NFL season – despite the fact that it is several months yet until the season actually gets started. Of course the draft is set for the end of April and that will give a clearer idea of the strengths and weaknesses of the teams ahead of the new season, but at the moment the New England Patriots have been installed as one of the real favourites for both the AFC conference pennant and for the Super Bowl – so are they worth a futures bet for either of these?

Well it might be advisable to wait at least until after the draft before committing yourself to them, but the Patriots are expected to come out of this with their odds of 3/1 for the AFC and 8/1 for the Super Bowl largely unchanged. They certainly have money to spend, and areas of their team which need improvement if they are to live up to these odds, with reinforcements in defence and the offensive playmaking positions particularly urgent. The reason why you might want to wait until after the draft before deciding whether to bet on them is that they won’t have their first choice picks in the draft, thanks to some trades going against them, so the smart tip would be to wait and see if they get the quality they need in those positions.

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  1. Ya I agree that some may want to wait a while before deciding…but I do think the Pats are a decent pick moving forward. What areas will they make improvements to? Defense? Welker is gone…

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