Cardinals Caravan ready to roll and ostracize some fans

Springfield, MO gets Shelby Miller, Joe Kelly, and Kolten Wong.  Illinois gets Matt Adams and Shane Robinson in one lineup and Kevin Siegrist with Oscar Taveras in another.  Dyersburg and Memphis, TN?  They get Keith Butler, Randal Grichuk, Al Hrabosky, and Rick Horton.  What did those fans do to deserve such a fate?

Seems like that lineup is lacking in both depth and all potential ways of appealing to the audience.  Grichuk might be hard to pick out of a lineup, and Hrabosky looks like he belongs in one.

If you look at the entire Caravan list, you’ll note an unsurprising dearth of big name veterans.   After all, it might be difficult to imagine Wainwright and Garcia slumming around the country in an old Dodge Caravan.  But we gave it a try….

cardscaravanNot sure how everyone feels about listening to “Song of the South” on repeat for 3 hours though.

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