10:00am: The Internal Struggle Begins for Cardinals Fans


At 10:00 this morning, it will be an internal battle for some Cardinals fans between freakish passion and paranoid superstition.

To avoid any traffic jams at the ticket window should this unexpected comeback come to fruition in a few days, the Cardinals had no real choice but to release tickets for the postseason, including the possible one-game playoff against the Braves, if necessary.

No fault there.  Business is business.

But when you log onto the team’s website and see a banner advertising postseason ticket sales when the team is down a game with only three left, it’s sort of like buying your Pujols jersey just days after the season ends.  Risky…

While some fans will have their mouse ready to work overtime starting promptly at 9:59am today to beat out the army of ticket brokers and secure their seat, others will have their hands tucked in their pockets ripping the franchise for throwing down a harsh jinx on the team.

For those in Camp #1, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Busch will sell out in hours even with only a punchers chance that this incredible comeback leads to a postseason birth.  If they don’t make it, you can get a refund.  Strolling into the stadium at the end of September makes you wonder if the goosebumps will be from the 50 degree weather or the buzz flowing through the crowd. Nothing beats the postseason at Busch and its not like the team will be any better or worse if you snag a ticket to a hypothetical game. Superstition is for kids and witches.

For those in Camp #2, buying tickets today is like the equivalent of a pitcher in the middle of a no hitter skipping through the dugout telling everyone how many outs he has to get before they can all come out and celebrate with him.  You may as well see if Sports Illustrated can just put the Cardinals team photo on the cover before the last game of the year just to screw them even more.  This group is all for optimism, but don’t get into fate’s grill and tempt it to knock you down.

To buy or not to buy.  That is the question most Cardinals fans will wrestle with this morning.  Prepare accordingly.


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