1985 is Back and Some Royals Fans Are Still Bragging


It’s been over a quarter century since a Royals-Cardinals game really meant anything. These days the only difference between playing the Royals or playing the Pirates is geographical proximity and the fact that the Pittsburgh newspapers don’t write spoof columns about the other city (very creative, Sam Mellinger)

But even with that said, both sides of the state still have their reasons for enjoying the semi-annual meetings, mainly because it’s the most effective way to activate the tiny corner of our brain that stores memories from 1985.

For Cardinals fans, the sting of the 1985 World Series has worn off thanks to the glorious fall of 2006. With that monkey off the back, the top spot in the ranking of reasons Royals-Cardinals series’ are fun is now occupied by the VHS brilliance known as “Heck of a Year“. Reminiscing about the Cardinals’ 1985 team begins and ends with that video as most of you who read this site already know.

Isn’t that right, Dan Thompson?

So while Cardinals fans can look back on the infamous Denkinger blown call as a minor stumbling block, the results of the I-70 World Series still remain the most memorable moment for Royals fans throughout their franchise history. And from ’86-’05, KC fans justifiably rubbed it in the faces of Cardinals faithful that they had the more recent World Series title.

25 years, 9 postseason appearances and 1 World Series title later, some Royals supporters still think that same taunting strikes a nerve with Cardinals fans. That or they refuse to let go of the one thing they held over the heads of their counterparts to the East, no matter how little we care about it now.

Let’s just say that, if you happen to step into Busch this weekend, there is a good chance you’ll run into someone wearing one of these…

And for the record, this gentleman was seen wearing his in KC earlier this year. Keep clinging to the past like a champ, Royals Fan.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a certain VHS tape to dust off and watch.

Note: Our cohort Shawn at CardsDiaspora.com introduced me to the Royals version of Heck of a Year, called “The Thrill of it All”. He gives a review of it today.



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