A Cardinals ditty to get you through the winter months


This Cardinals offseason feels a little longer than last.  Sure, there’s not a handful of World Series celebrations to sprinkle across the winter.  And yes, there’s no hockey right now.  And of course, football in St. Louis is, well, football in St. Louis.  We care very little about the outsiders shaking their heads at our pathetic existence right now; we long for baseball to return and we’re not afraid to admit it.

A new Cardinals jersey was released last week, in addition to details of the next Winter Warmup.

But still, we need more.  Enter Carl Banks.  He sounds like a character from “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”, but more accurately, he’s a local musician with an affinity for the home team.  We’ve seen plenty of homemade music videos over the past few years go viral.  Mostly, because they were terrible.  The more terrible, the more views.  It’s a simple formula in this meritocracy we call “The Internet”.

This one is different because, well, it’s music backed by lyrics that actually mean something.  It’s nothing that will bring down the rafters at Busch Stadium, but that’s okay.  It’s a cozy jam that will get you through the winter, guaranteed.  Enjoy.

The Lyrics:

Growing up I was told about a series of day
‘64, ‘67,’ 1968
when a team did something that had never been done
From slumpin chumps to World Champions

Chorus: They rolled Up their sleeves,
Though the work it was hectic
Showing the world their relentless work ethic
with the Birds on the Bat
an STL on their hat
baby those cards were dealin
they had an ace in the hole and everybody did know Lou Brock……

They moved a quarter mile from that mississippi mud
in center field you had ole’ Kurt Flood
the man brought free agency to the game sayn:
“a well paid slave is still a slave.”
No matter the pressure they’s feeling alright
at the first base bag there was black Bill White
While the infield’s flying high in the air
camped at second was Julian Javier
in the afternoon or under the lights
Carlton, McCarver, Shannon is in right
but the cannon belonged to a man named Gibby
toeing the rubber with the hopes of a city
3 complete games! 17 K’s, even peppered in a couple Home Runs
Red Schoendiens should have had an apron on
He was serving up the Yankees on a Hot Dog Bun.


Twenty years later I seen the Wizard of Oz
Big Lee Smith and Tom Pagnozzi
Sutter’s split finger was sinking the ball
Lost the 85 Series because an Ump blew the Call
“Go Crazy Folks”
It went Whitey Torre then in stepped La Russa
two years later came that First Base Juicer.
Crushing the ball, filling the seats
Took 70 jacks before Sosa was beat
“That’s-a-Winner, That’s-a-Winner”
So Time Goes by and Seasons they Fly
Aint that just how the story goes
Then from a foreign land came a Dominican
Man named Albert Pujos.
Again October would bling with World Series Rings,
but that don’t come without no grime and grit
you need the bats-a-rattling, the infield chattering
a little bit of luck and tobacco spit


Nowadays crouched behind the line,
digging it out every time
earning every dime
there is El Capitan Molina
he has all the fans clapping their hands
in the stands, taverns, and catinas
Andale, Andale
ee-a ee-a oo oo

Fish don’t fry in the kitchen
beans don’t burn on the gill
took a whole lotta trying just to get up that hill
no we are up in the Big Leagues
its our turn at bat
as long as we living like lunatics playa
aint nothing wrong with that
Batter Up

[via Carl Banks]


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