Albert Pujols has a new corporate logo. Oh, crap.


On Tuesday morning, Albert Pujols debuted a variety a social media elements.

A website redesign (, a new Twitter account (@PujolsFive) and a brand spanking-new logo that is plastered across both.  While anything from the Pujols entourage is newsworthy these days since he’s held the Cardinals organization and its supporting media captive, his new logo is particularly notable.

Not a bad redesign.  Minus Pujols’ name, the first logo (on the left) looked like something you see on snow-cone stand at a Little League field.  Aesthetically, it’s a nice enhancement.

However, conceptually, this new Pujols logo is a whole lot of interesting…and perhaps exists as a premonition.

Ah yes, we knew we saw this somewhere before.


tweet: @MattSebek


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