Albert Pujols Jersey Modifications, Round Two


Approximately a month ago, we summarized the best modified Albert Pujols jerseys that strolled into Busch Stadium at the Home Opener on April 13th. Unlike Albert Pujols’ offensive productivity this season, the jersey modification trend is heating up.

We won’t say fans are getting more creative, but the general population is definitely getting more ambitious with their use of duct tape.

If you’re thinking that we helped create this Schadenfreudistic beast by providing a public platform for these animals, we completely agree with you.

WHO! #5

“Whojols” has become a popular moniker around St. Louis lately. This gentleman stepped outside of those bounds a bit by simplifying his modified Pujols jersey to “WHO!” But, we’re wondering why he chose an exclamation point, instead of a question mark. Why is his jersey yelling at us?

Regardless, we’re giving this miscreant a few extra point for using stencil letters. You hate to use the word “classy” when it involves duct tape and Sharpie markers, but dammit, if this guy didn’t try. He’s a pioneer in crappy jersey modifications.

GOD #5

This particular photo submission was bittersweet at the JoeSportsFan Corporate Office. You see, we captured GOD #5 at Busch Stadium a few years ago and remember thinking that Albert Pujols’ stardom in St. Louis had no limits. And then, well, you know. How things have changed. Citizens of the Gateway City are even disbanding their religious beliefs.

Furcal and Waino

“Hey, brah. I got tickets to the Cardinals game today. You in? Cool. You better show up with a modified Pujols jersey. So, what? Tell your Dad to buy a new roll of electrical tape.”

Point subtracted to the gentleman on the right for creating a modified jersey using a player’s nickname.

Got Yadi?

In our first column that documented modified Pujols creations, we saw a few shirseys in the mix. Our official analysis: it’s a little heartless. Basically, you’re saying, “Yeah, Pujols wronged me, but I’m not willing to destroy my $300 personalized jersey. Instead, I’ll alter this $15 tee that I got from Walmart.” You have to bring the heat people; take on a little risk.

That being said, this fella made us chuckle. Yes, yes we do. As a matter of fact, we do have Yadi. Extra points awarded for finding stickers that matched the shirt’s original font.


We’ve seen this particular creation time and time again. But we haven’t seen a sleeveless version. Or one coupled with camouflage shorts. That’s hardcore. Then again, we’re guessing this particular guy had his sleeves cut-off long before Pujols signed a free agent contract with the Angels.


Like the gentlemen above, this guy gets zero points on the creativity scale, but does receive a few extra Art and Crafts bonus points for an ambition to pick up a baseball stencils and some super glue from the local Hobby Lobby.

(via @ReadingRedbirds)


Um, yeah. That’s a lot of electrical tape. That jersey must weigh 75 lbs.

And can we put a little effort into lining up artificial numbers these days, kids? Sheesh. That looks like 54, which equals 625.

(via @AngieManny)


This is our favorite of the bunch, simply because of its efficiency. With no added expense for tape or trinkets, this guy simply knocked a small portion of the “P” off his original personalized jersey, and boom, FU JOLS. Great stuff.

(via @MSchoeck)


Oh, boy. Let us count the ways.

Shirsey. Sleeveless. Tucked into jean shorts. Several visible tattoos. At this point, people aren’t even trying. Let’s just say we’re impressed this guy spelled “FREESE” correctly.



  • Big D says:

    Thanks for the laughs, guys!

  • 55 = $$ says:

    Years ago Keith Primeau (number 55) held out for more money, and was eventually traded by the Carolina Hurricanes to the Philadelphia Flyers. Folks wearing his jersey started using red duct tape (the numbers on the jerseys were red, and this was in North Carolina where *anything* can be fixed with duct tape) to change the 5′s to $’s.

  • Jason says:

    Love it. Keep them coming!!!

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