Albert Pujols Makes More $$$ Than The Rams’ Jason Smith


Sure, the headline of this post *could* have been, “Albert Pujols is Only the 32nd Highest Paid Player in Sports!!”

From there, we spout off an array of Albert Pujols statistics, showing how he’s better than – at the very least – the five other baseball players ahead of him on Sports Illustrated’s “Fortunate 50” list, which ranks athletes by gross 2010 income.

But, we’re not going to do that. Frankly, if you need an argument for why Albert Pujols should be higher on the list, you haven’t been watching baseball for the last 10 years. But, if local sports fans need another reason why Albert Pujols should at least be making *slightly* more money next year, let this graphic be your ammunition.

That’s right, folks. The Rams #1 Draft Pick last season sits right behind the best player in baseball on’s list of the highest paid athletes in 2010.

Forget agents, statistical-backing and hometown discounts, Albert. Bring this graphic into the negotiations and that pay day is going to be sweeeeeeet.

[ Sports Illustrated ]


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