Albert Takes a Heaping Spoon-Full of His Favorite Cereal


If you would have told me last year that St. Louis Cardinals fans have largely rallied behind one side of the table regarding the Albert Pujols extension talks, I would have bet a custom #5 jersey that it wouldn’t have been on Bill DeWitt’s side. 

But as the fictional “deadline” passes without a deal being agreed to despite reports of the Cardinals offering upwards of 8-years with an average annual value in the high $20 millions, the fans have begun to turn their negative attention towards Mr. Pujols. 

Their justification? 

For years Albert publicly stated he wanted to remain in St. Louis throughout his career, that it wasn’t about money, that the main factor was the ability to put a winning team on the field.  And then when push came to shove, Albert apparently elected for free agency over signing what appears to have been an offer larger than any player in Major League Baseball history not named Alex Rodriguez has received (that is if the talks truly are dead until after the season).    

Some fans still remain steadfast in their criticism of the Cardinals ownership, taking the stance that Albert deserved a blank check from the organization.  But from what we have witnessed through the majority of outlets where the fan voice can be heard,  Albert is losing the PR battle. 

Let’s just say that, according to his critics, Albert woke up this morning, crapped on Busch Stadium and then chugged down a bowl of a new cereal he’s endorsing…

Oh snap!  Wheaties Photoshop jokes rule.


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