An Albert Pujols personalized Cubs jersey exist. Oh, the humanity.


Last week, we documented the most offensive, legit personalized jerseys a fan could wear to Busch Stadium.  The column prompted a handful of omission suggestions and one extremely disturbing email.

The subject read, “Now THIS jersey is offensive!!!” and the following photo.

Oh.  My.  Goodness.

A Chicago Cubs jersey with a Pujols nameplate. It’s out there.  It’s real.  It probably reeks of Old Style beer, too.

With deadlines set and real baseball right around the corner, discussion around Albert Pujols’ contract status has significantly decreased.  Leave it to a Cubs fan to re-open the wound through a tangible portrayal of St. Louis’ biggest fear: Albert Pujols signing with the Cubs as a free agent after the season.  Sign with the Yankees, Nationals or the Saitama Seibu Lions.  Just not the Cubs.

And yet, we have to applaud this creation.  It’s pretty damn creative.  We applaud creativity, even it’s from our neighbors to the North.

Disclaimer: our praises of creativity do not preclude us from dumping a tray of nachos on anyone donning this jersey at Busch Stadium.


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