And We Thought Cubs Fans Were Bad…


It’s one thing for a Cubs fan to spend a couple hundred dollars for a risky investment aimed at taunting Cardinals fans on a sensitive topic.  The teams are rivals, they know how to get under our skin and sometimes they go through with it.

So when a Cubs fan strolls around Busch Stadium sporting a blue jersey with the name “Pujols” stitched on the back mocking his pending free agency – documented earlier this year - it stings a little.
When a Marlins fans does the same, the only sting comes from when you drop to your knees laughing at him…

With a payroll of $57 million – for the whole team that is – we’re calling it a safe bet that the Marlins might not pony up for the contract Albert is supposedly looking for.  Going into last night’s game, it was a safe bet that we wouldn’t run into a mohawk’d Marlins fan who was bold enough to pony up the $200 or so to have an Albert Pujols jersey made in his team’s colors.

Whether it be his confidence in the Marlins committment to excellence or his overall intelligence, one way or another we apparently underestimated this guy.

Here’s hoping that he’s secured tickets to all four games this week considering that it’s the last time the Marlins will make it to St. Louis before his investment officially becomes the equivalent of paying to have the name “Santa Claus” sewn onto a jersey.

If you’re shopping in fantasy land, you may as well go all the way.


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