Athletes Take to Twitter, Discuss Historic 2012 Election


The 2012 presidential election was the most tweeted event in U.S. political history, which is pretty monumental considering there’s only been one presidential election since Twitter’s inception in 2006, and next to no one was on Twitter in 2008. Social media: Always fertile ground for overstating accomplishments.

It should come as no surprise that many St. Louis professional athletes were among the millions weighing in. After reading a few of these, I highly recommend your favorite Cardinal or Ram player’s Twitter account as a valuable source of information – after your favorite newspaper or cable news outlet, of course.

Otherwise, you might miss some insightful election analysis such this salient offering from young Cardinals pitching phenom Shelby Miller:

If the whole pitching thing doesn’t work out, Shelby might want to apply for a job at CNN. With many polls predicting an extremely tight race, that’s a question many of us were wondering well into the night.

As it turned out, Obama gonna win the election. But Shelby did make a good point about the current state of education, albeit indirectly:

Side note: Maybe it would be a good idea to pump a few more dollars into the school system, specifically for hiring substitute teachers in math and science.

As with most presidential elections, the outcome depends heavily on courting what is known as the “swing vote” – individuals that tend not to vote along party lines.  This election had more than its fair share of undecideds, although I bet not many attempted to make up their minds the way Cardinals rookie Joe Kelly did:

After flushing billions of dollars down the toilet and drowning the general public in a sea of farcical campaign ads that wouldn’t persuade a third-grader, perhaps Kelly has inadvertently come up with a better method of wooing the cherished undecided vote.

In addition to swing voters, Latino Americans are fast becoming another highly coveted group. Here we see Republicans attempting to court the increasingly important Hispanic vote:

Coincidentally, if the Romney campaign would have gone with “Mitt’s the Tits” as its slogan, the former Massachusetts governor wins in a landslide.  Remember what “I Like Ike” did for Eisenhower?  Of course you don’t. Shelby Miller was your substitute American history teacher.

When the results finally came in, some, like Rams running back Isaiah Pead, were elated:

And others, like reserve tight end Mike McNeill, were disappointed:

Fortunately though, McNeill’s experience with the Rams has conditioned him not to dwell on yet another resounding defeat.

Many were like Cardinals reliever Barret Browning – just happy and proud to be part of the democratic process. Others shared this form of patriotic euphoria, and were even a bit dazed by it.

In the end, many, including Shelby Miller, were ready to come together and move forward in a bipartisan fashion.

Of course, this was only after tweeting out something about moving to the Dominican Republic and then immediately deleting it – but not before a few of his followers saw it and decided to respond.

No matter what, with voter turnout again hitting record numbers in many places, it’s just good to know most Americans – including professional athletes like Rams punter Johnny Hekker – have their priorities in order.


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  • Dan says:

    It is important to note that the St. Louis Cardinals drafted Shelby Miller out of high school. Therefore, unless he has been going during the off-season, he has no college experience at all. Obviously, this is the man we want teaching math to the leaders of tomorrow.

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