Beware, St. Louis. Loving Ryan Theriot can be an unkind beast.


As you’ve likely noticed, we’ve had some fun with the early Ryan Theriot smooch-fest brought forth by St. Louis Cardinals fans and media.  If not, catch up here and here.

Now, we turn our attention towards something a little more serious.  And there’s nothing more serious than a grown man in Los Angeles professing his love for Ryan Theriot via webcam.

Mr. Theriot left quite an impression on YouTube user “DodgersWatch20“.  That’s impressive, considering Theriot only played in 50 games in Los Angeles last season.  But whatever.  After hearing this gentleman’s diatribe, you’ll see that he doesn’t exactly submit to rhyme or reason.

If you’re unable to watch the video, allow us to quote the best nugget.

Oh,  I’m sooo getting this printed on a t-shirt.


I just want to say…I saw you.  You’re our best hitter, you’re the best infielder.

You’re, you’re the best Dodger, man.  Too bad you have to go to the St. Louis Cardinals, but still…

Ryan Theriot, you’ve been a homie to me.  I just gonna say RYAN THERIOT FOR LIFE, man !!!

Ryan Theriot FOR LIFE !!!

Or, for RIOT.

For Life.


(HT: @drewsilv)


tweet: @MattSebek


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