Beware the Clearance Rack


In some ways owning a store that sells merchandise associated with local sports teams is like being a gambler on Wall Street.  You have to know when and what jerseys you should load up on and which ones to avoid.

Score a load of Lance Berkman’s at the beginning of the season and you’re probably sitting pretty.  Invest in Ryan Franklin’s and they’re collecting dust in the corner. And the only thing worse than a struggling player is getting stuck with leftover jerseys from players who don’t even play in this city at this point.

With that in mind, we’re thinking this local outlet may want to sit down and have a chat with the person in charge of purchasing.

Looks like those beauties will be sitting on that rack until they’re put out to pasture by the store owner. Brendan Ryan, Brad Boyes and Paul Kariya aren’t exactly leaving town as legends (although Boyes did have a good run).

Something tells me that they probably have a stash of Albert Pujols jerseys in the building that has them begging the Cardinals to pony up come contract time.  Nothing worse than sending those puppies to the discount rack.


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