Beware the FSN “Tron-Cam”


We’re through one half of the season and the one consistent characteristic of the FSN Midwest broadcasts has been that every time they switch to the camera housed in the Cardinals dugout, the picture enhances the color red so intensely that it looks like a crappy photoshop job.

At first, it was simply believed to be a case of my TV not agreeing with the broadcast, but the phenomenon has since been documented on numerous televisions at numerous households.

So if it’s obvious to viewers, why hasn’t it been addressed by the network?  Our theories range from…

…the artistic FSN producers looking for ways to make the signature color of the Cardinals appear like the bright red rose in an otherwise gray world

…Gatorade “G-Series” running a guerilla campaign through FSN

…or maybe just someone on the FSN team being a huge fan of the movie Tron

Whatever the theory, its clear now that when the situation calls for a camera angle from the home team dugout, just get ready to see a healthy dose of red.


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