“Beyond the Cardboard”, St. Louis Cardinals Edition


It’s a brisk morning in St. Louis, with Opening Day a little over 24 hours away. Game day forecast calls for “Mostly cloudy with a high of 53″.  Yikes.  Not exactly what we envisioned for the return of baseball to the Gateway City and we all could use a little boost getting into the proverbial baseball spirit.

For us, there’s no better way than baseball cards. Well, maybe a frosty Busch Light…but definitely baseball cards.  Heck, why not both?  Grab yourself a cold one and sit back and watch us reminisce over old some St. Louis Cardinals cardboard.

Observation: it’s a shame that the Mike Laga pink jersey abomination wasn’t even appreciated in its own time. It’s like the Van Gogh of the baseball card industry. Pink Laga sat back and Billy Ripken’s 1989 Fleer card steal the glory. It’s not right.

Pink Laga is gold. If someone offered me a mint version of a Pink Laga or a Honus Wagner rookie card, it would be a tough call.

Look at that goddamn hat.  It looks like a 5th grade art project made from Play-Doh and spaghetti.



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