BR8KING NEWZ: Mozeliak’s Scarves Submarine Pujols Deal


News broke last night that the Cardinals negotiations with Albert Pujols took a blow earlier this month when GM John Mozeliak informed Pujols’ agent Dan Lozano and Cardinals owner Bill DeWitt that a large portion of the money allocated for the historic contract extension had been spent on a personal shopping spree.

Mozeliak reportedly spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on suits, shoes, cashmere neck scarves and much more at high end clothing stores such as the famous Barney’s New York in the past months, claiming stress associated with the negotiations had driven him to do so.

He has agreed to attend Shopping Addiction classes prior to the start of spring training, but before doing so had to show off some of his new attire at a Cardinals Winter Warmup press conference…

Mozeliak confirmed rumors that former centerfielder Jim Edmonds had been a major influence on his obsession with clothing.

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  • Darin says:

    I thought the scarf he was wearing had been photoshopped onto him. But then the scarf appeared in the Post-Dispatch story too.

    Truth is stranger than fiction.

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