Breaking Newz: The Original Intent for Cardinals “Green Week” Uncovered


In case you aren’t on the Cardinals e-mail list, you may not know that this week marks the beginning of the second annual “Green Week” at Busch Stadium.  The events are in conjunction with Earth Day and include e-cycling of unwanted electronics and a week-long shoe drive amongst others.  They have a snazzy banner graphic letting fans know the ultimate purpose:

All that said, we may have stumbled across a conspiracy. 

While the actual event may have started in 2010, our insider sources indicate that there might have been some secondary benefits that the Cardinals front office was banking on when the planning began in 2009.  Make no mistake, it’s always good to have an entire week to promote Earth Day and coordinate some eco-friendly events, but it never hurts if you had a way to make that a dual purpose promotion.  And in 2009, when they acquired what appeared to be the perfect “Green Week” spokesman in exchange for a player to be named later, it looked like the Cardinals were going to do just that. 

After all, why stop at making it about the earth, when you can use that week to celebrate the glorious achievements your new star shortstop would surely have accomplished by the time this all went down?  Perhaps the front office just wanted to spend several days basking in the spotlight and accepting public praise for robbing the Padres of their most underrated asset. We even scored an underground copy of the original banner they had drawn up…

Damn it, Khalil, your epic flameout in 2009 means Green(e) Week last year and again this year have been relegated to being just another standard charitable promotion organized by the Cardinals and hosted by Fredbird.  And to think, this could have been a full seven days to promote how your hair product was completely natural. 

If only the Birds could have taken the $6.5 million they paid him in 2009 and used it to buy a higher quality sod for the Softball Village field, it would have truly been investing in the environment. 


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