Brutally-honest announcement board at Cardinals Winter Warm-up is a nice touch


The annual Winter Warm-up provides fans and media a chance to reconnect with the organization after a few cold months of hibernation.  Okay, fine.  That’s the best euphemism we could construct for, “This puppy is a cash cow.”  For a $40 entrance fee, fans definitely get their money’s worth.  Given the number of events planned over the course of three days, we don’t envy the Cardinals brass in charge of the weekend operations.

The event aims for structure.  Fans file in through a common entrance.  As do the media.  Everything is on a schedule; from main stage presentations to player autograph and photo sessions.  But things change.  On Saturday, it was announced that fan-favorite Yadier Molina would not be appearing this year, despite selling out of the event’s second-highest priced autograph ticket.

Thus, organizers have to adapt.  They have to please.  Announcements must be made.  And what better way to remain agile than a giant whiteboard?

In the past, we suggested that the absence of Tony La Russa and Albert Pujols would bring a renewed sense of honesty and transparency to the Cardinals organization.

We just didn’t think it would come this soon.  Or, at least via Dry Erase markers.



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