California Death Row Inmate Ponders the Life and Times of Jason Isringhausen


This past weekend, the Cardinals toured San Quentin State Prison (nation’s largest death row prison) during some San Francisco downtime.  The Post-Dispatch’s Joe Strauss provided an insightful recap of the Cardinals players that attended the field trip and documented some of their reactions.

The Post-Dispatch Cardinals contributors (e.g., Miklasz, Goold and Strauss) have made a concerned effort this year to deliver stories that extend beyond the regular box score.  Hat tip, gentlemen.  Love it.

In this particular entry, there was one particular nugget of insight that especially caught my eye.

One inmate asked the group if closer Jason Isringhausen remained with the team. Fox Midwest talent Jim Hayes sent a text message to Isringhausen about the anecdote. The Cardinals’ all-time saves leader replied, “Good to know I still have fans out there.”

Anything Izzy-related is going to make me smile, but two things about this snippets tickled my fancy.

1.) Why Jim Hayes is sending text messages to the Cardinals defunct closer is beyond me.

2.) Why did Izzy assume that the inmate was “a fan”?  Isringhausen probably cost the convict a handful of parlays during his pre-incarcerated life and thought the prison visitors might be able to execute a hit, for the right price.

[St. Louis Post-Dispatch]


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