Cardinal Fans (and Players) Treated to Sneak Preview of Summer Superhero Blockbusters


As those attending last Wednesday’s game may have noticed, the Bat-Pod motorcycle and Tumbler – the tank-like version of the Batmobile – were parked outside Busch Stadium as part of a nationwide tour promoting The Dark Knight Rises, the highly anticipated Batman movie, and the 83rd such movie to be released since the great Adam West donned his tight pants and began biffing and ka-powing his way through Gotham City’s seedy underworld (or Batperson movie if you count the one with Alicia Silverstone as Batgirl – and why wouldn’t you?)

The high tech vehicles, which occupied the future site of Ballpark Village for a few hours prior to the game against the Phillies, drew massive amounts of attention from Cardinal fans and players alike, most notably David Freese and Jason Motte.  (By the way, this seemed like a real missed opportunity to do a special Mr. Freese tie-in if you ask me.)

Anyway, The Dark Knight Rises doesn’t come out for another couple of months. However, it’s never too early to start mass marketing your third sequel to a twice reboot of a long-running comic book superhero movie franchise.

A lesson the makers of perhaps 2013’s most anticipated summer superhero blockbuster, Man of Steel, have taken to heart. As a result, guess who showed up outside Busch the following night?

That’s right. It’s the Man of Steel himself, who was obviously there to get the jump on promoting his own movie, prompting confused remarks from onlookers such as:

Look, over by the ticket kiosk! It’s a panhandler! It’s a hoosier! No, it’s Superman!

Okay, so maybe this guy isn’t there to promote yet another summer superhero blockbuster. It’s really just some dude standing outside Busch Stadium wearing a Superman costume.

But given the way Hollywood is burning through superhero and comic book franchises, I doubt he’s the last one to visit Cardinal fans at Busch Stadium. Just taking into account the bird-related superheroes alone, there are still plenty of quality epics left to be made.  Late 1960’s-era Hanna-Barbara star Birdman seems like a logical choice. I could even see a Blue Falcon (and Dog Wonder) picture getting green lit.

But we’ll know Hollywood is completely bereft of ideas when that damn Hawkman is spotted standing next to the Musial statue.


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