Cardinal Fans Best In Baseball, Just Not Best Dressed


Cardinal fans have often been described as “the best fans in baseball.” And even though 92 percent of the time it’s by Dan McLaughlin, there’s still a lot of merit to that statement. There’s no doubt that Cardinal fans are among the most enthusiastic, supportive, and respectful fans in the game.

But when it comes to fashion sense, let’s just say if this was a yearbook competition, Cardinal fans likely aren’t going to be voted best dressed among their peers.

Don’t believe me? As usual here at Joe Sports Fan, we like to back up our ridiculously outlandish statements with hard evidence. Here’s our first case in point from this season:

Fortunately, I can think of a few legitimate reasons why a man might be dressed at a baseball game this way:

1) Hillbilly Jim is in fact a huge Cardinal fan and has four season tickets in the green seats – two for himself.

2) Following a successful knee surgery, the Cardinals have allowed Lance Berkman to begin rehabbing by taking leisurely walks around Busch Stadium during home games.

3) This man accidentally forgot to pack his brand new distressed, form-fitting designer jeans for his trip to St. Louis, leaving him forced to go with a backup pair.

Speaking of denim abuse, for many Cardinal fans, nothing provides that perfect balance of comfort and support for those humid summer nights at Busch than a favorite pair of jean shorts. Spotting someone rocking the jorts at Busch Stadium (or any stadium sadly) isn’t exactly uncommon, but it’s rare to find them at the center of a happy and fulfilling relationship. For this, I humbly submit a photo I like to call, His ‘n Her Jorts.

I’ve been told that jorts, while a definite fashion faux pas for a man, are somehow acceptable for a woman. I’ve never really understood why that is. Although I’m guessing that this rule doesn’t apply when a woman wears the same exact jorts as her male companion.

But fashion isn’t always about clothing. Sometimes a fashion statement is made through accessories, hairstyles, or…the color of your toenails, for example.

This is the kind of look that says, “I may be a middle-aged bank president, but don’t leave me alone in my daughter’s room for 15 minutes or damn it, that Piggy Paint is going right on my foot.”

But seriously dude, why purple? You’re at a Cardinal game. It’s the perfect time to bust out one of the deeper reds. Opportunity missed.

Body art, including tattoos, are another form of fashion. And while some fans’ tattoos can be tastefully done – like barbed wire around the arm, the always-popular tramp stamp, or these – others are just downright creepy.

Still, it’s not the worst tattoo you’ll find at Busch Stadium, or even the second-worst. In fact, one could argue that when it comes to fashion, Cardinal fans are just following in the footsteps of their heroes.

(special thanks to @smoothpickles for the jorts, toenail, and tattoo photos)


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