Cardinals Fans Don’t Care About the ESPYs. Until We Lose.


The Espys? What are those?  I don’t know a single person who gives a crap about a made-up sports award enough to spend three hours sitting there watching it on TV. If you’re a true sports fan you only care about what happens on the field and I, sir, am a true sports fan.

It’s just a made-for-TV event so that Berman and his buddies in Bristol can pretend they own the entire sports world.  Probably all fixed too, but it’s not like I’m going to spend five seconds of my night paying attention to it. Pretty sure I’d rather watch a re-run of Swamp People than that pile of garbage. I might flip it on during commercial, but that’s about it…

Wait, what the? Did the Miami Heat just win the “best team” award over the freaking St. Louis Cardinals!! The Cardinals that made the greatest regular season comeback in 50 years, then gave us Game 6!!! That’s complete BULLS**T!!!

I’m about to call into ESPN right now and give them a piece of my mind, but I’m so mad my hands are shaking.  Guarantee they didn’t count all of my votes.  For them to disrespect my team on an awards show that I don’t care about is all I can take, I’m done with ESPN.  Right after I tweet about them again…


Hundreds of Cardinals Fans




  • ScottyP says:

    I just wish they would remove fan voting from all aspects of the game. It’s a joke when four of the nine NL All-Star starters are from the Giants. The same people who vote on awards at the end of the season should vote on All-Stars. The final vote should be the lay fans’ only opportunity to vote.

  • Gary says:

    Sure, let the media vote on stuff like that…they never screw anyone because of their personal feelings. Or, let the players do it. They totally give a crap about doing stuff like that.

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