Cardinals “Gameday” Magazine: Lance Berkman is an Astro-Not


Lance Berkman had himself quite an eventful return to Minute Maid Field last week.  He received a standing ovation in his first at-bat, made Hall of Fame broadcaster Milo Hamilton eat crow and finished the series with the following line: 2 HR, 7 RBI, 571 OBP, 100% Puma love.

On top of that, Berkman led the Cardinals to a series win over the Astros, who are spending time in the cellar of the NL Central.  With a sub-.500 record the last three seasons, it’s no longer enjoyable to poke fun at the Houston Astros these days.

But don’t tell that to the Cardinals’ official “Gameday” publication.

Not an Astro = Astro not.

Hilariously punny.

Don’t get me wrong, the lack of Houston mocking over the past few seasons has declined, but for good reason.  They suck.  It hurts not mocking them because that ballpark is so atrocious.  And Brandon Backe and Brad Lidge and the budding bromance between Andy Pettitte and Roger Clemens.  Oh, there’s just so much left there to mock.

And with Berkman on the Cardinals now, it would be so darn easy.  But with the Houston glory days well in the past, it just doesn’t feel right.



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