Shopping at the Cardinals Garage Sale…er Winter Warmup [CARDS]


You stroll into the Cardinals Winter Warmup with $20 burning a hole in your pocket.  You’re $150 shy of getting Albert’s autograph, so that’s out.   Sure you could get the entire bullpen’s autograph for $20, but there are so many other treasures to snatch up.  It’s time to rummage around the memorabilia room.

After hours of searching, miles walked through a room full of random crap, hundreds of shoulders bumped trying to navigate through a sea of people wearing red, you’ve finally seen what you came here for.  It’s like a spotlight guided you to it from across the room, the perfect way to celebrate your intense love of the Cardinals franchise and the era in which you grew up watching them. 

And to make things more perfect, the price tag reads $20…


Really, who wouldn’t go to a Cardinals Winter Warmup and walk out with a Roxette CD that may or may not have called Ozzie’s Restaurant home?  I mean, that baby has the song “Joy Ride” on it.  

If there’s one thing you can count on the Winter Warmup  offering plenty of, it’s CD’s from obscure Swedish pop bands that are signed by a Hall of Famer.

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