Cardinals Get Gritty; Add Aaron Miles To Roster


According to our cyberbud, Derrick Goold, over at the Post-Dispatch, the Cardinals have officially welcomed Aaron Miles back to their Major League roster.  From a team perspective, we’re not exactly sure where Miles fits into the whole scheme of things.  Maybe the guy who plays Fredbird demanded a night off here and there.  Who knows, really.

One thing is for sure, with the inclusion of Aaron Miles to their roster, the Cardinals got a little more scrappy on Tuesday afternoon.  Vegas currently has the over-under set at 12.5 for the “Number of times Dan McLaughlin and Al Hrabosky Say the Word ‘Scrappy’ on Tuesday Night”.  At home, you might be wondering, “What defines someone as scrappy?”

Allow us to provide a crash course.

Want to know *just* how scrappy Aaron Miles is?

Watch Episode 7 of The JoeSportsFan Show.  We play an emerging gameshow sensation – which is aptly entitled, “Just How Scrappy Is Aaron Miles?”



  • COdy says:

    oh why the athletic guy have to be black….

  • Dave says:

    Not that I like the term, or find it useful, but I’ve always figured height figured pretty strongly into ‘scrappy’… In fact, my definition would be someone who at first glance, wouldn’t be thought of as a professional athlete due to his small size.

  • mattsebek says:

    Dave Bug, unsure of the *exact* time you posted that comment….but @fungoes had the same suggestion. Thus, I added a little height marker.

    I thought the height variable was assumed, but that might be because I’ve performed masters-level research around scrappiness.

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