Cardinals Nemesis, Bud Norris, Isn’t So Tough Afterall…


The Houston Astros placed Bud Norris on the 15-day DL back on May 28th due to some arm soreness. He’s currently scheduled to be removed from the invalid bin on June 8th – which is bad news for the Cardinals because he pitches more like Chuck Norris when on the hill against them. Hey-o. Yeah, that joke was terrible and made zero sense. But there’s no chance in hell I’m getting through the first paragraph of this post without a Chuck Norris reference. Sorry.

We don’t get the aura of Mr. Norris. Here he is posing with “Snowball” for the Astros Humane Society calendar that was shot earlier this week (HT: @alysonfooter). I mean, he likes puppies, sandals and faux hawks.

How tough can he be?

Bud Norris has given up 33 runs in 44 innings this year – which aggregates to an abysmal 6.80 ERA. But, in his two starts against the Cardinals, he’s given up one measly run in 13 innings (0.69 ERA). Yikes.

The Cardinals don’t play the Houston Astros again until August 2nd, which is strange, but we have a remedy for Bud Norris’ success against the Cardinals: the picture of him and a puppy scattered throughout the dugout.

Easy enough, right?

Who’s tough now, Snowball?

(Hat tip: Alyson Footer’s “Footnotes“)


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