Cardinals roll out gold jerseys, but they’re nothing compared to the 1927 offering


Yesterday, the Cardinals announced that they will celebrate their most recent World Series championship by trotting out gold-coated uniforms and caps on Opening Day.

On the jerseys, the notorious Cardinal birds will sit atop a gold baseball bat, with matching gold lettering. Player names and numbers on the back of the jerseys will also be in gold script. On the hats, the distinguished “STL” logo will be inscribed in gold as well.

The Cardinals PR department will tell you that this is an tremendous way to celebrate the presentation of World Series rings on April 14th. Common sense will tell you that this is yet another MLB mechanism to sell more merchandise. And wouldn’t you know it; they’ll be available for purchase “soon!” on

Nevertheless, it’s a unique look and one that marks a historic achievement. Furthermore, it doesn’t compromise the signature logo or color (i.e., red) of the Cardinals brand. We’re sure the masses will fawn over them – especially when the “game worn” versions are auctioned off after the Home Opener in St. Louis.

But, gold? It’s a bit pompous; a look that’s sure to infuriate the Chicago fan base.

Yet, according to the Hall of Fame’s uniform database, it’s nothing compared to the Cardinals home/away jerseys in 1927.

Oh, yes. Following the franchise’s first World Series victory in 1926, they rolled out pinned-striped uniforms (an organization first)…and a logo that included the script “World Champions” on the left-breast.


Bear in mind, it wasn’t a novelty jersey that the team rolled out for their first home series in St. Louis. They wore it home…and away…for an entire season. We’re sure that this type of behavior today would lead to multiple plunkings per game, but we welcome the concept. Basically, if you win a World Series, your team gets to wear whatever self-righteous message across your chest the following year. The entire year.

Depending on the manager, that reward could get extremely entertaining.

For a classy guy like Mike Matheny, the following year would probably feature something akin to the 1927 jerseys pictured above.

Now, if the Miami Marlins and Ozzie Guillen took home baseball’s top prize, an MLB jersey is one step away from featuring the message, “‘Sup Now, Bitches!!!”



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