Cardinals supporter or human billboard? How about both


You’re at your favorite custom printing shop, Cardinals jersey in hand, ready to place your order.  It’s decision time. 

Do you show loyalty to your favorite current player, do you go throwback style and break out an 80′s name or do you say screw it and put your own name on your back since you’re fairly certain you’ll never sign with another team?

This gentleman will go with Option D: turn yourself into a human Yellow Page advertisement:

Hey, you’re spending some coin to pimp out a Cardinals jersey, you might as well go the route that potentially offers a return on that investment.  It only takes one of the drunken goons that were sitting behind you during the game to pick up a DUI and there’s a chance that baby just paid for itself. 

Here we always thought that the back of a jersey was used as a billboard for self-expression.  Now they’re being used as billboards, literally. 

(h/t Pat L.)


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