Chris Carpenter might not be the best choice for this Cardinals billboard


The commercials, signage and cornucopia of marketing assets created by the Cardinals for the 2012 season have been classy, concise and inviting.  Their objective is simple; focus on what has been earned, not lost.  And better yet, how those achievements build upon an existing infrastructure of tradition and intrigue.

That being said, because printers require time to produce these assets, most were created in the off-season.  Sometimes that time gap doesn’t work out in your favor.

Case in point:

Tough for a guy on the DL to perform an “encore”.

Better yet, this billboard currently sits above the last exit on Highway 40 before arriving at Busch Stadium.  Don’t get us wrong, Chris Carpenter could still have an “encore”, but we’ve never waited two months for a band to come back on stage after playing their “last song”.


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