Colby Rasmus jerseys now eligible for re-purposing…


St. Louis is full of Colby Rasmus jerseys.  We’re not exactly sure why; considering most fans held as much frustration over his lack of enthusiasm as the Cardinals front office.  When it was announced that new reliever Octavio Dotel would fill the #28 vacancy on the Cardinals roster, we postulated that Rasmus jerseys could potentially be re-purposed.

A quick refresher course: jersey re-purposing typically involves a high amount of duct tape.  We’ve seen it before here and here.

Jersey re-purposing usually involves a player name switch.  Keep the number, swap the name.  Dotel would qualify since he’s wearing #28.  That is, if he falls into good favor with the Cardinal faithful.  This scenario, however, is highly unlikely since CBS (Cardinals Bullpen Suckitude) is a malicious disease that affects all who come near.

Well, a Cardinals fan went above and beyond on Wednesday night.

A few points subtracted from the overall effort for using masking tape – instead of duct tape, the bandage of real men.  But, repurposing a jersey as a billboard for organization backlash?

Yeah, we like it.



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