Callaway presents Colby Rasmus with a new set of golf clubs


If we were professional headline writers, the title of this post would have been something like, “Birdies in Sight for Cardinals Youngster” or “Rasmus is Teeing Up On and Off the Field”.

Unfortunately, we’re not that clever or witty, so let’s get on with the crux of this story, shall we?

On Monday, the powers-that-be at Callaway visited Busch Stadium and presented Colby Rasmus with a brand new set of Diablo Edge golf clubs.

The reason for this gracious gift?

Well heck, let’s allow Callaway to tell you themselves:

Callaway is rewarding any professional baseball player who hits a home run over 470 feet with a full set of Diablo Edge clubs.  Why?  Because ballplayers that embody the attitude and skill that it takes to drive a ball 470 feet and longer are exactly the type that would want to play the new Diablo Edge clubs, which are designed  to blast the ball longer and straighter than ever before.

Well, there you have it.  Attitude and skills = new golf clubs.

Lucky.  Those new Callaway Diablos are going to play nicely at Tower Tee.  Blasting the ball longer is exactly what’s needed for that one Par 3 where there’s a miniature golf course integrated into the middle of the fairway.

Oh, you wanted more information about Callaway’s promotion?  I read ya.

Rasmus earned the clubs with his 483-foot home run against Kansas City on July 26.  He joins Jason Heyward, Adam Dunn, and Josh Hamilton as one of four professional baseball players win a set of Diablo Edge Clubs from Callaway.

Here’s another picture from the on-field presentation.

Goodness, Fredbird is such a doofus.



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