Customized PUJOLS jerseys are beginning to surface


On Wednesday, we poked fun at an interesting PUJOLS jersey modification spotted in Jupiter, Florida.  We expected additional alterations to appear on Opening Day this season, but we didn’t anticipate fans sending in photos ahead of time to gloat about their handiwork.  What can we say; personalized jerseys have become a billboard for self-expression in St. Louis.

Most of the photos that we’ve received this week contained two strategically-placed lines through the #5 on Pujols’ Cardinals jersey, effectively creating a dollar symbol.  Here’s one example.

But today, we’re featuring a slightly different concept that did a wonderful job leveraging its resources.

PUJOLS #254.


If you’re going to use your jersey a billboard for creativity, you might as use the number as part of your joke.  We’ve seen that theory executed before (here), but it’s rare.

This fan receives extra points for leaving the original #5 intact and surrounding it with a “2″ and a “4″ to reference the monster contract the former Cardinals 1B signed in December.

Let’s just hope he isn’t sitting next to this family on Opening Day.

(via @barsnaps)



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