Cutting hair for charity at Busch Stadium today? Good luck, Great Clips


Of the many promotional tie-ins that the Cardinals mix into the gameday experience, not many have caught our attention like the one happening at Busch Stadium today:

Charity Haircuts in the Plaza sponsored by Great Clips: During the game, fans can root on their team and shape up their roots with a visit to Ford Plaza for Great Clips’ Charity Haircuts. For a $10 donation, Great Clips- who is sponsoring the event every weekday afternoon game during the season – will cut your hair and donate all proceeds to Cardinals Care.

The barbers that Great Clips has on hand today better be amongst the most skilled in their profession.  From our experience at the ballpark, they’ll be tested with a variety of styles including potential specimens such as these:

If they’re able to successfully shape the hair of thousands of diverse Cardinals fans, then the rest of the stadium will just have to accept it as a fair trade-off when they look down and find hair clippings have drifted into their 24 oz. Busch.

It’s for charity, man.  Deal with it.


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