David Freese gets a GQ Magazine makeover


The stardom of David Freese has transcended the bounds of the St. Louis metropolitan area.  Since last October, he’s made appearances on “Ellen” and “The Tonight Show“.  He hung with Justin Bieber and then presented “Album of the Year” at the Country Music Awards with Erin Andrews.

Yeah, it’s safe to say the Cardinals 3B is no longer a local interest; he’s an object for American intrigue now.  “GQ Magazine” will contribute to the national fervor this month, by featuring the World Series MVP as a part of their “Project Upgrade” feature.  Basically, they brought Freese to New York City, gave him a haircut in a studio not named “Great Clips”, slapped some clothes on him that aren’t found in The Galleria and snapped some photos for their April issue – which hits stands on Thursday.

Who among us hasn’t suffered from “flyaway collar” a time or two?

Heck, visit the Busch Stadium bleachers and you’ll see that most inhabitants aren’t only afflicted by “flyaway collar”, but “flyaway sleeves” and “flyaway sobriety”.

GQ also produced a short video of Freese’s makover.  Fancy.



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