David Freese World Tour Hits…South City?


First it was his appearance on The Tonight Show sitting next to Justin Bieber. Then he appeared on the Ellen Degeneres Show. He showed up at the Country Music Awards next to Erin Andrews, made an appearance on an ABC sitcom, was honored at the Mizzou-Texas football game, had his Game 6 uniform sent to Cooperstown.  David Freese has been all over the map since his World Series heroics led to the MVP award.

So where would he show up for a meet and greet on the day the Cardinals World Series DVD gets released -  Homeplate at Busch Stadium? On top of the Arch with Fredbird? Mounted on a Clydesdale next to Stan Musial? Nothing would surprise us at this point.

Well, how about at a random South City F.Y.E. store…

When I said nothing would surprise me, I guess I was proved wrong.

Seeing the MVP headlining at a place that reminds me of the Streetside Records I scored my 2Pac CD’s at 15 years ago, is a bit of a shock. If they scored a Gerald Laird or Lance Lynn appearance, it would be notable but not unusual.  But to get their mits on the guy who was doing the rounds in Hollywood a few weeks ago?  Who knew that all it took was an appearance fee and some grade school-level window paint to officially become a stop on the David Freese World Tour.

Maybe he’ll bring Erin Andrews as his date.


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