Day 6: Seven Cardinals Fans in Seven Days


It’s March 29th.

In exactly six days, the Cardinals will play their first game of 2012 and effectively begin defending their reign as baseball’s top dog. To prepare you (and ourselves) for the seasonal array of hooligans, brutes and overly intoxicated meat heads, we’re rummaging through our collection of fan photos and presenting one a day until Opening Day.


Over the years, we’ve received some fantastic vanity plates that reference local sports teams and athletes. We received the following photo via the trusty JoeSportsFan inbox the past weekend and it bears some analysis.


That’s “Waiting for 11” in vanity aluminum lingo.

Given the Cardinals branding, we’re going to play the odds and say that’s shorthand for “waiting for the team’s 11th championship.” As most fans know (spoiler alert), the Cardinals won their 11th World Championship this past October.

This achievement rendered the plate above obsolete.

We also observed that the vanity plate expires in July 2012 – which means it was renewed in July 2011, roughly four months before the Cardinals took home baseball’s top prize. Probably seemed like a worthwhile investment at the time. Now? A bit ridiculous. Just another reason vanity plates are silly.

Of course, this whole analysis is moot if the owner of the vanity plate above simply has an unfulfilled obsession for Jose Oquendo.


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