Day 7: Seven Cardinals Fans in Seven Days


It’s March 28th.

In exactly seven days, the Cardinals will play their first game of 2012 and effectively begin defending their reign as baseball’s top dog.  To prepare you (and ourselves) for the seasonal array of hooligans, brutes and overly intoxicated meat heads, we’re going to rummage through last year’s photo gallery and present something to chew on for next seven days.


We poked fun at this odd couple last season.  After all, it’s fun to imagine one normal adult meeting another seemingly-normal adult in front of Busch Stadium for another Cardinals game.  And then one shows up in a Hollywood #69 jersey.  Probably not what Mr. Pujols Fan had in mind for a lazy Saturday afternoon at the ball yard.

Little did we know that this photo from 2011 would foretell things to come.  .

As most know by now (spoiler alert), Albert Pujols signed a $254 million contract with the Angels this Winter after spending the first 11 years of his career in St. Louis.

And wheeeeeere do the Angels reside?

Um, Anaheim.

Okay, that didn’t work out as planned.  But they’re also considered a part of Los Angeles – which encapsulates Hollywood.

Thanks for following along through that.  Maybe the meat head above knew something we didn’t.  As in, something about Albert Pujols’ free agent intentions and not the best place to find free Internet videos of the adult variety.


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