Desktop Wallpaper: St. Louis and Albert Pujols Love Each Other. No, really.


Standard desktop wallpapers featuring a bedazzled Windows logo or some sort of dewy meadow are sooo 2007.  Applying some creative bling to your desktop real estate is all the rage these days, especially in the sports world.  Derrick over at DTwo Creative has been posting some of the finest St. Louis sports desktop wallpapers for the past year…and under his guidance, we thought we would get in the mix.

JoeSportsFan style, of course.

Wallpaper Downloads:

[ 1600 x 1200 ]

[ 1024 x 768 ]

To download the versions above, simply right-click and select “Save As…”.

We’ll be back at the end of next month with another contribution for your desktop.

Stay tuned.


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