Does Fredbird’s Reign Have a New Threat?


When it comes to the mascots of area teams, Louie (Blues), Truman (Mizzou), the Billiken (SLU) and Rampage (Rams) know that it’s wise to stay on their own turf.  In the underground power struggle that is men wearing giant animal costumes, the boss in this town is and always has been Fredbird.

As legend has it, make an ill-advised move on him and expect to be in the crosshairs of a t-shirt gun held by one of the Team Fredbird soldiers.

The iron-fisted regime of Fredbird is what made it so shocking to see an unknown challenger step inside Busch Stadium last night and appear near the field schmoozing with the player whose nickname was his inspiration…

The Big Puma also garnered some attention from the visiting ESPN cameras as he strutted around the concourse tossing out high fives in Fredbird’s territory.  This was the mascot equivalent of Albert Pujols jogging out to first base to start the game and seeing that Lance Berkman had decided he was going to play there instead (wait, nevermind that actually happened last night).

If this beast should show up in Busch again, we would not be shocked to see him and Fredbird go toe-to-toe.  In fact, don’t be surprised to see the Cardinals sales staff promoting a “dynamic ticket deal” to a game featuring a Fredbird-Big Puma Steel Cage match in centerfield. Might be a gold mine.

Should such a confrontation take place and the incumbent lose his title as the boss of St. Louis mascots even for one night, we know where a fragile Fredbird might be spotted the next morning…


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