Don’t blame Joe Pettini if he was nervous at postgame presser


Joe Pettini knew that being a manager in the Majors wasn’t going to be easy.  But he didn’t fully understand the physical pressure placed on someone in his position during the postgame media crush.

And when we say pressure, we don’t mean the pyschological effect, we mean the kind of stress that can be experienced when you’re questioned by a man who appears to have a paw large enough to squash Joe’s head like a peanut shell…

Oh sure, you might take the easy road and attribute it to a visual affect achieved solely due to the camera positioning.  But we aren’t prepared to rule out the possibility of a reporter borrowing Andre the Giant’s right hand and placing it inches from Joe’s head as a subtle reminder that Pettini should give him the answers he wants.

Welcome to the big time, Joe.


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