Enough Pujols-to-the-Cubs; Chris Carpenter already plays for them.


This morning, St. Louis was greeted to an “interesting” front page of the Post-Dispatch featuring Albert Pujols wearing a Cubs uniform.  Since you, like most of the Metro area, don’t get a daily newspaper, you can see a photo of it here (via Derrick Goold).

This attention-grabbing comes on the heels of an Albert Pujols hug with Cubs GM Jim Hendry on Monday night.  With Tony La Russa on the mend and unable to deflect the madness, the St. Louis sports media has the Cardinals fan-base in a collective tizzy of “what-if’s”.

This is all so misguided.

Chris Carpenter actually plays in the Chicago Cubs organization.  No, seriously.  Okay, so the Cubs “Chris Carpenter” is a minor league prospect that is different from the Cardinals “Chris Carpenter“, who is different from the Cardinals “Cris Carpenter“.


Allow ESPN.com to muddy the water a little more…

Chris Carpenter (the Cubs’ version) is listed as Chicago’s #3 prospect.  Seems right.  After all, these MLB organizations and news outlets spend plenty of time and resources scouting prospects.

But apparently, they don’t spend the same time…or even a fraction of the time…intelligently pulling photos from their archives.

(HT: @jaredshane)



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