EP19: The One with Brendan Shanahan (and Andy Van Slyke)


The last two episodes, we briefly talked about the Pittsburgh Pirates. In Episode 17, we dissected the Pirates chance of finishing over .500 for the first time since 1992. And in Episode 18, we gave Episode 18’s namesake to Andy Van Slyke, who wore #18 for four years in St. Louis and throughout his career with Pittsburgh, Baltimore and Philadelphia.

This week, we welcome Andy Van Slyke onto the JoeSportsFan Show.

We’re guessing he heard the namesake accolade and had to come on and thank us personally. At least, that’s our working assumption.

Featured Guests: Andy Van Slyke

JoeSportsFan Original: “The St. Louis Press Box Bouncer” (11:40)

Random, yet contextual, St. Louis sports references: Woody Williams, Ray Lankford, Vince Coleman, Todd “Crazy Legs” Kinchen, Tom Pagnozzi, Whitey Herzog, Scott Mellanby, Brendan Shanahan, Craig Janney and Craig Janney’s wife

Links mentioned during this episode:

Rams opener will be “Fisher Mustache Day” (link)
Those horrific Pittsburgh Pirates uniforms from ’77 – ’86 (link)
Ryan Howard’s wedding registry at Bed, Bath and Beyond (link)
Why was Brendan Shanahan snubbed for the Hockey Hall of Fame? (link)
“Come up with one can’t-miss 2012 Rams promotional giveaway” (link)
Tripl3 Crown’s new Mizzou rap (link)
Download the new LockerDome iPhone app today (link)

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