ESPN calls itself out for ignoring NL Wild Card


We’ve got two heated wild card races going on with a shade over a week left in the MLB season.  Both have two teams with nearly identical records – 1st place teams have 88 wins and are sliding long after they should have locked up their playoff appearance.  Meanwhile, the teams chasing them sit two games back and are surging over the past few weeks.

In other words, we have the exact same scenario going on in both the NL and AL, and every night there are four teams, their respective fan bases and hard core baseball fans fixated on the scoreboards to see what movement that night’s games would create.

Of course, up until yesterday, ESPN’s only noticed one of those.  At least that’s how they framed it up in the teaser for their article this morning…

We’re fairly certain when they ask the question “can’t take your eyes off Fenway, Tampa Bay or the AL Wild Card race?” it’s a rhetorical question said into a mirror at their Bristol, CT headquarters.

Frankly, their ignorance doesn’t bother us as much as it entertains us.  We’ve learned the lesson many times that, if something is happening in the AL East, it is all that is happening in baseball, with the rest just background noise.  So we typically don’t bother calling out ESPN for their oversight.

But that doesn’t mean it isn’t funny when they call themselves out.


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