Even Google has changed its tune about “Albert Pujols”…


Google Suggest is one of the Internet’s prized jewels.  In short, as you begin to type words or phrases into Google, it attempts to auto-complete your thought.  Sure, it’s annoying at times, but the underlying intelligence to provide the suggestions are based on trends of what other people are typing into Google.

Thus, Google Suggest acts as a digital barometer for top searches within the online community.  Specifically, starting a search with athlete’s name and the word “is” provides endless entertainment.  We’ve long been fascinated with Google Suggest, so let’s revisit a screen cap of what it had to say about Albert Pujols back in 2009.

In 2009, Albert Pujols was coming off one of the most-productive years of his career.  He took home National League MVP and Silver Slugger hardware and his public persona was exemplary.  And yes, we still laugh that “Albert Pujols is a god” and “Albert Pujols is a christian” existed in the same list of search trends.

While Pujols is still regarded as one of the best hitter of his generation (and beyond), his social stigma has changed a bit over the past four weeks.  Yeah, just a bit.  His list of Google Suggest terms have evolved as well.

A jerk?  On steroids?  Fat?  Still the best player in baseball?

Check, check, check and check.

We’re not sure where the “is gay” comes from, but hey, at least the public is still a firm believer in his Christianity.



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