EXCLUSIVE: Listen to Ron Washington’s Game 7 pre-game speech


Before Game 7 of the World Series, Texas Rangers manager Ron Washington explained to the media that no grandiose pep talk was necessary to rally his team.  Sure, they were attempting to bounce back from one of the most dramatic loses in World Series history, but the skipper promised the media that no “rah-rah speech” was needed.

It turns out he was wrong, on several levels.  Washington gave a whopper of a speech and the Rangers lost anyway.  Eh, details details.

One notable member of the World Series media contingent hinted that Washington’s pre-game address was “priceless” and had members of his team laughing, but the substance of the fodder was never known.  That is, until now.

Thankfully, the speech was recorded by a member of the Rangers clubhouse staff.  He wished to be unnamed (obviously), but thought we would be interested in the audio anyway.  Um, duh.  What you’re about to hear is pretty tremendous…and probably not suitable for open-air speakers in the home or work environment.


We all know Ron Washington is a character.  He’s outgoing, animated, and personable.  But, wow.  The vitriol in this six-minute diatribe was a little unexpected.  Do most Major League Baseball clubhouses sound like pirate ships behind closed doors?  Of course.  But we didn’t expect Ron Washington to morph into Samuel L. Jackson before Game 7 of the World Series.

Since inquiring minds seek knowledge, here are some word tallies from the clip above…

fuck: 16
motherfucking: 13
cocksucker: 5
bitch: 2

Oh, and exactly one “all for one, one for all” Three Muskateers reference (4:42).  Extremely odd.



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