Fan Hunting: Darryl Kile #57 Jersey with Your Own Last Name? Uncool.


Frequent visitors to this site are familiar with the following two personalized jersey rules:

  1. First/last names aren’t cool; that is, unless you’re 5 years old and playing tee-ball.
  2. Respect sacred organizational numbers (infraction example, here).

In this particular case, the following numbers have been deemed “sacred” by the Cardinals organization: #1 (Ozzie Smith), #2 (Red Schoendienst), #6 (Stan Musial), #9 (Enos Slaughter), #14 (Ken Boyer), #17 (Dizzy Dean), #20 (Lou Brock), #42 (Jackie Robinson and Bruce Sutter), #45 (Bob Gibson) and #85 (August Busch).

The following numbers aren’t “retired” like the aforementioned ones, but are certainly deemed “sacred” and untouchable by the Cardinals fan base: #32 (Josh Hancock), #51 (Willie McGee)….and #57 (Darryl Kile).

Obviously, this guy didn’t get the memo.

Two options in play, here.

Either the guy has the jersey prior to 2002 when Darryl Kile tragically passed away….or he purchased it since then. The jersey looks fairly new and his game-partner (which might be Garth Algar) is hip to current jersey trends since they’re wearing some HOLLIDAY 7 threads.

If that’s the case, it doesn’t sit well.

The the former is true and Mr. Larson purchased the jersey prior to 2002, let’s go ahead and tuck that baby away in the closet. Break out a red t-shirt or something; you have one on underneath. Your section will live without knowing your last name.


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