Fan Hunting: This guy was in a fraternity. Just ask him.


The bleachers at any given baseball stadium can accurately be described as a cesspool of fraternity hooligans.

It’s a fair generalization, however, we seasoned fan hunters know that not *all* bleacher inhabitants are active or former fraternity members.  It’s not right to stereotype.  Facts are key, here.  And the fact is, not all men in the bleachers enjoyed having their bare ass paddled by another man in college.

Thankfully, this man in St. Louis is very clear about his affiliations and we can mock unfettered and without ignorance.


We’re guessing this guy has a tattoo with Greek letters somewhere on his body.

Probably on the outer bicep.  Just follow him around and wait until the 3rd or 4th inning when the sun starts to hit him.  It’s not an exact science, but we’re confident that he’s taking his shirt off.

Hat Tip: Dave M. for the tremendous find.


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