Fan of the Week: Our personal Sasquatch has been located.


Over the past five years, we’ve had the privilege to photograph some amazing pieces of fanatical talent.   While there’s something special about capturing a flowing mullet in the blistering St. Louis sun, personalized jerseys have forever fascinated our team of dedicated fan hunters.  Some fans go current; some go retro.  Some go personal; some go obscure.  And, some go completely obscene.  And even more obscene.

Since we’ve capturing so many odd personalized jerseys throughout our career, we’re frequently asked, “What is your personal white whale; the one fan jersey that has never been captured by your pervasive lens?

The answer is simple:  Chris.  Sabo.

The man is a cult hero.  And he helped annihilate corneal abrasion on the baseball diamond.  While Sabo is universally known for his career in Cincinnati, he did play one season (read: a few games) with the Cardinals in 1995.  Like the rest of St. Louis, you may have not have noticed, since the Cardinals finished 62-81 that season (their second-lowest win total since 1982).  Months ago, we made our interest in a #18 SABO jersey known and it was finally satisfied on Friday night.


As if a Cardinals Chris Sabo jersey (he wore #18 with the Cardinals, #17 with the Reds) wasn’t stellar enough, this renaissance man rocked some complementary Rec Specs.  Oh goodness.  He’s our Sasquatch; we didn’t believe this level of fandom existed until we witnessed him with our own eyes.

Our photo collection is a cornucopia of shirtless boors, mulleted diehards and tattooed hooligans…but this jersey capture may go down as our favorite fan picture of all-time.  And that’s really saying something.

As if he needed any, we’re awarding extra points to said fan (Andy Volpert from Springfield, Illinois) for partaking in a mid-80′s baseball card shoot photograph.  Just tremendous.



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